Tree Surveying

CRAiG Tree Services routinely carry out Tree Safety Inspections, provide clients with Tree Condition Reports, and create Tree Management Plans.

We inspect individual or groups of trees e.g. in gardens, and provide our findings & recommendations in a report presented to the customer. During such inspections the tree(s) will be assessed from the root system to the branch tips, the health of the tree will be assessed alongside the structural integrity of the tree.

CRAiG Tree Services also carry out large-scale tree inspections for commercial and government organisations.

Our Tree Surveying Experience

The senior tree inspector at CRAiG Tree Services, Craig Fergus-Jones, began working with trees in 1996 and holds several Academic Arboricultural (tree-related) qualifications including the Royal Forestry Society Certificate in Arboriculture, the Diploma in Arboriculture L4 (ABC) and the Professional Tree Inspection (PTI) qualification. Craig is a Technical Member of the Arboricultural Association.

He and other tree inspectors at CRAiG Tree Services routinely undertake Professional Development Training to ensure we are operating to current working practices.

Got a Question about Tree Surgery?

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